Diddums for Jose
Pity the poor powerless President of the Commission. Jose Manuel Barroso found himself remonstrating with a bunch of Dutch journalists yesterday. The new Dutch government had made it clear that they have no plans to re-introduce the Constitution. His response is priceless:
Meanwhile, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso expressed unease with the prospect of a second Dutch constitution referendum talking to Dutch papers ahead of a visit to The Hague later this week.
‘Referendums make the process of approval of European treaties much more complicated and less predictable,’ he said, asking ‘every member state’ considering a referendum to ‘think twice,’ according to Het Financieele Dagblad.
Mr Barroso in his previous job as Portuguese prime minister in 2004 backed a referendum on the EU constitution in his own country – but since then his thinking has changed, he indicated.
‘I was in favour of a referendum as a prime minister, but it does make our lives with 27 member states in the EU more difficult. If a referendum had been held on the creation of the European Community or the introduction of the euro, do you think these would have passed?’ the commission chief asked according to De Volkskrant.
Mr Barroso also told the Netherlands, which until now has been largely silent on what it wants to see changed in a new EU treaty, to contribute to a solution to the deadlock produced by the French and Dutch ‘no’ votes.
‘If you have signed a treaty, you should also ratify it,’ he stated. ‘And if you can’t, you should at least contribute to a solution.’
Democracy can be such a pain, can’t it?
They just don’t get it, do they?
“If a referendum had been held on the creation of the European Community or the introduction of the euro, do you think these would have passed?”
Quite, exactly. The European Union is a project of the Elite, for the Elite and by the Elite. The people do not want it and they are not going to be asked for their opinion if autocrats like Jose have their way. They should be ashamed, but of course that bone was removed from their bodies the same time they took out their spines.


Jornal Público
“José Sócrates reconhece que inquérito do IDT "foi um erro"”
“Provedor de Justiça pede esclarecimentos ao Instituto da Droga sobre inquérito a jovens”

Tão benevolente que ele é.
Perguntar “a crianças (algumas com 11 anos) se elas alguma vez souberam se o pai (ou o “substituto”, como se escreve nesse inquérito) forçou a mãe a ter relações sexuais não consentidas.” é um erro.
Foi um erro, mais um erro, a seguir virá outro erro, depois mais outro erro, e torna-se claro que andamos a ser governados por erros.

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